While we're still reeling from the news of Daft Punk's shocking breakup, the musical tributes have continued to roll in. Now, YouTuber Fabricio H. Franzoli may have just published the most innovative Daft Punk cover todate.

It turns out one unintended use of Tesla coils is that they have the ability to produce music. That's precisely what Franzoli has revealed anyway, and his Franzoli Electronics channel now has over 270,000 subscribers to show for it.

By carefully managing the phase, pulse width, and firing frequency of the lightning-like energy emanating from the coils, the structures emit various pitches. Franzoli takes this phenomenon further, generating entire arrangements, with his latest cover being Daft Punk's "Around The World."

As Gizmodo points out, there are times where the timbre of the coils feel weirdly similar to the actual sounds Daft Punk used on their groundbreaking hit. Perhaps for that reason, this is not the first time Franzoli has covered songs from dance music's favorite robots using the towering electronic devices. In 2018, he delivered one of his most popular videos to date by covering "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" using the "singing" structures.

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