As rumors around Disney's Tron 3 continue to swirl around the mythos of Daft Punk, the duo's iconic soundtrack from 2010's TRON: Legacy has received a special deluxe vinyl reissue from Mondo. Known for its limited edition comics, vinyl pressings, rare VHS releases, and screen printed posters, Mondo is one of the most renowned pop culture lifestyle companies in the nation.

Their brand new vinyl reissue of the legendary duo's TRON: Legacy soundtrack is nothing short of breathtaking. Featuring exquisite custom artwork by British illustrator Matt Taylor, Mondo's record is housed in a spot-varnished die-cut O-Card and pressed on 2x 180-gram colored vinyl. The vinyl contains Daft Punk's entire original score in addition to bonus tracks, and it is split across four sides. Check out an image of the cover below, courtesy of Collider.


"When we go to visit the offices at Disney Music once a year, and every time we go the team is very, very lovely and they go, 'So what’s your dream list?'" said Mo Shafeek, Mondo's Creative Director, Music. "Tron was always on that list, particularly for my partner Spencer. He’s a huge Daft Punk fan and a huge fan of that score."

The vinyl reissue was developed to coincide with the film's 10th anniversary. Shafeek and his team, however, have been planning ahead for years. "We asked at the right time. We started this back in January," he continued. "We were just asking about it for years and this time it came together organically. And now we get to be in on the anniversary."

Mondo's new vinyl will cost a very affordable $35 and it goes on sale at 12PM CT (1PM ET, 10AM PT) this Wednesday, September 30th. You can check out the tracklist below and purchase your copy via Mondo's website.

DISC 01: SIDE 01

  1. Overture
  2. The Grid
  3. The Son of Flynn
  4. Recognizer
  5. Armory
  6. Arena
  7. Rinzler
  8. The Game Has Changed
  9. Outlands

DISC 01: SIDE 02

  1. Adagio for TRON
  2. Nocturne
  3. End of Line
  4. Derezzed
  5. Fall
  6. Solar Sailer
  7. Rectifier
  8. Disc Wars

DISC 02: SIDE 01

  1. C.L.U.
  2. Arrival
  3. Flynn Lives
  4. TRON Legacy (End Titles)
  5. Finale


  1. Sea of Simulation
  2. Encom Part 2
  3. Encom Part 1
  4. Round One
  5. Castor
  6. Reflections
  7. Sunrise Prelude

Source: Collider



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