deadmau5 and SUBPAC have teamed up for a one-of-a-kind collaboration that will literally send shockwaves down the spines of his fans.

SUBPAC made waves back in 2013, when the company debuted its inaugural S1 model, the first fully integrated audio system that "immerses the body in high fidelity physical sound." The one-of-a-kind audio ecosystem offered a unique listening experience that allowed users to append it to their backs in order to literally feel the frequencies of their music, games, film, and more. SUBPAC has released a number of iterations since the release of the S2, but the brand has just unveiled perhaps its most momentous model yet.

SUBPAC has released a new collaboration with deadmau5 in the form of a custom M2 model. It has a new ergonomic shape for maximum body contact and comfort, nanosilver treated materials to control bacteria and odor for frequent users, and updated materials for enhanced vibratory field and impact, among other new features. Moreover, it is Bluetooth-compatible and contains a high-capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery that runs six-plus hours per charge.

A piece of this quality does, of course, cost a pretty penny. At $399, the custom M2 is a bit expensive, but its lavish design and unique deadmau5 co-branding justify the price point.

You can check out the model below and grab yours via deadmau5's mau5hop here.