Grammy Award-nominated dance music duo Disclosure has thrown their hat into the red-hot NFT ring.

Disclosure recently took to social media to announce their debut NFT release, which was streamed live on Twitch via a music production session. Immediately after the song was created, it was minted and made available for purchase on Zora, a major marketplace to buy, sell, and trade limited edition digital collectibles.

Watch Disclosure's Guy Lawrence explain their debut NFT release below.

There's a good chance you've found yourself in a Google rabbit hole recently due to the NFT craze. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital collectibles whose ownership is verified and protected by blockchain technology, ensuring authenticity. The items—often unique pieces of digital art—are stored on a decentralized blockchain and are unable to be replicated.

Grammy Award-nominated duo Disclosure created a new song live on Twitch and minted it as their debut NFT release. 

Grammy Award-nominated duo Disclosure created a new song live on Twitch and minted it as their debut NFT release. 

To find out more about NFTs and their collision course with the EDM community, whose artists have sold them to recoup revenue lost due to the impact of COVID-19, read our interview with the founders of Nifty Gateway, one of the field's leading marketplaces. "In my opinion, EDM artists are just the perfect fit for NFTs. They're very tech savvy and the demographics are very similar to the kind of people who are buying NFTs," said one. "They're well positioned to understand the technology because their careers are based around technology already. It's no real surprise they've taken to it like fish to water."

You can listen to Disclosure's new song and bid on the unique item via its microsite on Zora. The bidding will conclude on March 3rd at 7PM PT (10PM ET).





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