Modern producers know that the modular synthesizer plugins of the world today can create some pretty far-out sounds. Perhaps no one knows better than Giorgio Sancristoforo, the mastermind behind synth plugins such as Decoder/Encoder and Substantia. The creator is now putting forth his latest work, Quadrivium, and it might just be his most stellar offering to date. 

Quadrivium's modulation is driven by data from the moons of our solar system's gas giant planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Parameters within the synth, like the filter cutoff, ring modulator, reverb, and tape stop can be modulated using the data, providing some very unique and interesting sounds. 

Sancristoforo says that the data collected from the moons will span a ten-year period—from 2020 to 2030—though it's still unclear whether the data is collected in real-time or taken from projected or recorded figures. Whatever the case, the concept of Quadrivium is quite the experiment, and a testament to Sancristoforo's ability to create exciting synthesizer plugins that aren't grounded in anything that can be considered "normal." 

Quadrivium's out-of-this-world modulation system isn't publicly available just yet, but is expected to go live sometime in September. For more information about Giorgio Sancristoforo's latest endeavor, visit his official website