A new exhibit from Google and YouTube titled "Music, Makers & Machines," takes viewers on a walk through the history of electronic music from genesis to present day. 

Over 50 industry experts, festivals, labels, and power players from the electronic music world were consulted in order to bring the project to fruition. The multimedia endeavor combines photography, video, 360° tours, and augmented interactive objects to create an immersive user experience. The totality of the exhibition aims to cover 126 years of dance music history, highlighting the genre's icons, landmarks, and watershed moments that took place since the invention of the world’s first electromechanical musical instrument in 1895.

One function of the exhibit utilizes Google Street View, putting fans on the grounds of some of dance music's formative nightclub locations, such as Plastic People. Another part of the program puts the power of the Roland CR-78 drum machine, the Akai S9000, and ARP Odyssey synthesizers at your fingertips allowing you to experiment with a slew of classic electronic instruments.

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Fans can check out the exhibit by downloading the Google Arts & Culture app, available now on iOS and Android.

Source: Engadget


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