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Having the right tools and processes that allow for frictionless output of creative ideas is paramount to any musician's workflow.

This notion is a key pillar of London-based Vochlea Music, an audio company empowering creatives with Dubler 2. The advanced voice-to-MIDI desktop application uses the most intuitive instrument of all, the human voice, to effortlessly print musical ideas into MIDI.

Dubler 2 is a standalone app which connects to any DAW. It comes with a game-changing "MIDI Capture" AU/VST plugin, which musicians can utilize to produce and manipulate vocal-driven beats without even touching a keyboard.

It's important to note that Dubler 2 is compatible only with dynamic microphones. After you've connected your mic (the same way you would an external MIDI keyboard) and trained it to your voice—a process that takes less than 30 seconds—you’ll be able to use the software within your DAW.

The program allows producers to trigger oneshot samples, control synths, play chords, manipulate filters and effects, lock to a key, track pitch, pitch-bend and simultaneously control envelopes, velocity and MIDI mapping values.

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The Dubler 2 interface.

The Dubler 2 interface.

The most straightforward way to use Dubler 2 is to sing notes into your microphone and watch the software turn them into MIDI inside your DAW real-time. And with 14 scales and advanced key detection and suggestion, you don't have to be an adept singer to utilize its voice-to-MIDI feature. You can also take advantage of the “Sing in Notes” feature, which displays a list of selected keys that match your input signal in case you’re unsure about the key of your project.

It doesn't stop there. Dubler 2 allows for even more advanced voice-to-MIDI controls. If you enjoy beatboxing, you can map various vocal samples along with claps or snaps, and trigger them in real time for complex drum grooves. You can also choose from a list of chord presets to easily create progressions from scratch, or map your voice to effects and parameters inside your DAW.

Dubler 2 is available for purchase starting at $219. You can sign up here to be among the first to get access to Vochlea Music’s next livestreams.





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