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If you're a music producer looking to give your sound some edge, perhaps the frenetic "wails" of this baby-shaped synth will do just the trick.

The crimson Baby Bot Light Theremin: Powland Edition is the brainchild of Moon Armada and Powland. And consistent with its unique appearance, this synthesizer is certain to produce some sounds that will turn heads.

As one might expect, there's certainly no hope of calming this vocal child. "The best way to play it is to just start turning knobs until you find combinations you like," Moon Armada says of operating the synth. "Generally, having the knobs turned higher will result in more abrasive, noisy sounds, while having them turned down will yield more beep-boop type sounds."

In addition to the Frankenstein-like knobs protruding from the baby's head, embedded in its right hand is a sensitive LED which yields different sonic outputs based on its exposure to light or darkness.

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As MusicTech notes, Moon Armada has made baby-shaped synths their organizational expertise. The company has produced a handful of similarly eerie synths and FX generators, including the Vespidae Baby Bot, a creepy, charcoal-colored mutation with four arms. 

The Baby Bot Light Theremin: Powland Edition is available for purchase at a cost of roughly $365.


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