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Monstercat is planting their stake in the sand and wholly embracing the Web 3.0 revolution.

On October 26th, Canada's largest independent label is going live with the GENESIS IDOLS collection on Nifty Gateway, a project that CEO Mike Darlington says is eight months in the making. The collection of 3D models represents just the first phase of Monstercat's novel approach to immortalize the future of their diverse artist roster in the metaverse.

"This IDOL was born for your world; it is your key to the intersection of music, art and the metaverse," Darlington stated cryptically. "The legend of RELICS is about to unfold, and you are the Explorers."

There's still much to be uncovered as to what the IDOLS initiative has the potential to offer collectors. What's known so far, however, is that collecting one will afford owners the opportunity to mint "RELICS," details of which will be revealed at a later time.

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According to the Nifty Gateway marketplace, RELICS are "audio-visual animated NFTs" that will act as a key and free Mint Pass for the series' upcoming launch. Holding both tribal artifacts will unlock the full potential of Monstercat's developments within the metaverse, which include Monstercat Smart 3D models—built within Decentraland—enabling unique music listening experiences.

Monstercat and Nifty Gateway have already partnered up to launch a number of collections. To reward early adopters of their NFT strategy, the label is limiting participation in GENESIS IDOLS to those who have previously purchased a Monstercat-branded NFT. Anyone who holds a Monstercat NFT is eligible, regardless of whether or not it was purchased outright or via a secondary marketplace.

Collectors who participated in both the Constellations and Ikon NFT drops will be afforded an opportunity to collect IDOLS. Collectors who participated in either the Odyssey Pack or the Origins drop are also eligible.

You can find out more about Monstercat's GENESIS IDOLS NFT drop here.


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