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On a mission to empower creators, generative music service Mubert has revealed an AI-powered artist collaboration minted in the form of an NFT.

The advent of artificial intelligence has deeply impacted the electronic dance music scene, turning it into a technological tinderbox of sorts. As more and more artists, entrepreneurs, and investors enter the music tech space, Mubert is taking an artist-centric approach with a goal of democratizing the creator economy.

Mubert's collection comprises 50 fixed-price NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Each one features digital artwork and soundtracks sourced from the winners of the company's Open Call streams, which invited artists to submit sample packs to Mubert's AI-powered music hub. Token holders who obtain these NFTs can gain access to a "generative secret channel" that offers them royalty-free sounds.

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The goal of the digital collection, according to Mubert, is to provide artists with novel ways to earn revenue and promote their work during a transformative time for music distribution.

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Minting the work of its Open Call winners, like Berke Can Özcan, Mubert aims to introduce a new kind of NFT to the music world. "What is unique about this particular NFT collection is that the compositions are ever-changing, that is if you buy a token with a specific track, the music will be similar to that sound but will continue to reinvent itself in the process," reads a press release.

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The team at Mubert are calling the ambitious NFT venture the first of its kind, and they believe it could be a harbinger for the future of experiential music activations on the blockchain.

"NFT platforms are already distributing music and generative digital art—infinite collections with different levels of rarity, interactive experiences based on blockchain or other customer’s data, stems, and ready tracks, so generative music is fitting in perfectly," said Paul Zgordan, Mubert co-founder and Chief Content Officer. "We are looking forward to updating our technology for working with on-chain transactions and storage, but already now we can give codes to different bonus and exclusive content to NFT customers, which can be used in the Mubert Play application’s Secret section."

The collection is now available via Rarible.





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