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Never Say Die officially joined the NFT rat race this month with the debut of their "Rebirth" collection, which was made available on Nifty Gateway. Now, just a few short weeks later, they are making history in an industry first for electronic music labels by dropping a free NFT to their fans.

The free release comes in partnership with Sweet to commemorate the legacy of the now-defunct Never Say Die: Black Label imprint, which recently shuttered indefinitely. The one-time-only NFT drop will have a limited run of 2,000 copies and is officially available as of today, March 31st at 3PM ET (12PM PT). 

Never Say Die understands the desire to own a rare piece of its history and wants to make it more accessible to a wider audience. Following this first free drop, they will be releasing collectibles both for free and at an affordable rate. However, they will still be auctioning off high-end NFTs like the "Rebirth" collection, which pulled in $7,000 on a single item. 

A preview of Never Say Die's free Black Label Commemorative NFT.

A preview of Never Say Die's free Black Label Commemorative NFT.

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The news arrives as the blockchain-powered artwork boom continues to see a remarkable amount of support. The NFT space recently experienced a watershed moment with a staggering single NFT sale of $69 million by Beeple.

Never Say Die's free NFT has been launched on Sweet, an app with user-friendly blockchain agnostic technology. The platform is fit for those with no previous crypto experience and allows for NFTs to be seamlessly minted, stored, and traded across blockchain wallets. To top it off, it's also 500x more eco-efficient then most of its competing marketplaces. 

To obtain one of the free Black Label Commemorative NFTs, click here




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