In Brazil, acclaimed pianist João Carlos Martins has regained his ability to play the piano, thanks to newly designed bionic gloves that have renewed his hand's mobility. 

Created by Ubiratan Bizzaro, the gloves, dubbed the Bionic Extender Gloves, were made by a 3D printer, using rods to help pianists who have lost the use of their hands or fingers continually play the instrument. “To be able to use all ten fingers again more than 20 years later is a miracle for me at the age of 80,” Martins said.

According to a recent study by the UK's Youth Music and Take it away Consortium, disabled musicians face many barriers to music making and performing, including access to gear with specially designed accommodations. In fact, 63% of the music retailers who participated in the study didn't know these types of instruments existed. 

As samples of live instruments become even more popular in EDM music, it's even more important for artists and producers to have the tools they need for success. These Bionic Extender Gloves are a step in the right direction, opening up the world of piano-playing to new creatives. 

Source: Reuters



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