Bass music is enjoyed by millions around the globe and best enjoyed with sound systems that are able to delve into the low end of the frequency spectrum. Leading electronics brand Panasonic understands the passion for those gritty low notes, so they developed the XBS DEEP system to deliver a clean and powerful sound.

The RB-M700B Mighty Bass headphone model has built-in XBS DEEP technology that allows the listener to enjoy bass as it's meant to be heard, anywhere and at any time. Top-notch sound quality is produced by the headphone's 40mm free edge driver system, which produces sound across the entire frequency spectrum, from the highest highs to the lowest lows.

Users can control how much bass is produced via buttons on the outer edge of the unit, essentially allowing them to equalize any song to taste and guaranteeing the most satisfying listening experience. The acoustic bass control design controls airflow, maximizing pure and clean bass sound with minimal distortion. Active noise cancelling filters out sound pollution, maximizing listeners' musical immersion.

To top it off, the Bluetooth enabled wireless feature ensures maximum functionality and on-the-go readiness, allowing free movement while listening. The RB-M700B's earpieces are designed with years of data in consideration, and specifically crafted for maximum comfort and side pressure dispersion to allow for extended listening periods without irritation or headaches. 

Perfect for producers, DJs, and casual listeners alike, Panasonic's latest offering is a must-have for the modern music lover. 

The RB-M700B from Panasonic is available now and can be purchased here