When Pioneer DJ unveiled its limited edition DDJ-400-N controller, the company took a proven hit and dipped it in gold.

With subtle hues of gold splayed throughout the instrument like the gilded wings of a sparrow, the DDJ-400-N is a sleek and portable controller for precision DJing. While it is ideal for at-home performance due to its incredibly easy USB setup, its portable size renders it a great option for on-the-go mixing as well. It's clear that Pioneer did their best to make the model their most accessible yet, as users are able to unbox their controller and find a rekordbox license key so they can start DJing immediately and avoid bottlenecks.


Learning to DJ has never been easier with the DDJ-400-N, which was released earlier this year. The limited edition model only pours gasoline on the popularity of the original with its elegant trim juxtaposed against its black frame. From a performance standpoint, the controller's configuration parallels that of Pioneer DJ's iconic NXS2 layout, flaunting a menu of beat FX, cue buttons, tact looping controls, and more. It also has a built-in sound card. More experienced DJs looking to append their arsenal with a more lightweight setup will find solace in the DDJ-400-N's familiarity with its parent products, as its buttons and knobs are in close alignment.

Loading tracks onto the controller from rekordbox is a seamless process, as DJs simply use the rotary selector to select a song before tapping the proper deck load button. From there, they can beat-match with the adroit accuracy they are accustomed to with Pioneer's other venerated products. Perhaps the only negative—and it's a trivial one—is that the jogwheels are a bit stiff compared to the CDJ-2000NXS2 model, which has a dedicated dial to adjust their pace when you scratch. On the flip-side, the tempo sliders are firm, so you won't accidentally elbow one of them and go from 128 to 105 BPM in one fell swoop, avoiding a collective gasp from your audience. In a meticulous feat of design, the sliders also have a tiny ridge in the "0" slot, allowing DJs to feel a slight click when they glide a track back to its original tempo.

Pioneer DJ's limited edition DDJ-400-N controller is available now for $249. You can purchase yours here.


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