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If you're looking to expand your portfolio of Pokémon gear, look no further than this unique headphone collab from Grado Labs and Pokémon Center.

The team at Grado Labs, an audio manufacturer known for their hand-crafted, top-of-the-line headphones, has created two new versions of their signature Prestige Series SR80x. One pair boasts an aluminum frame, available with either a Poké Ball or Pikachu silhouette on the side, while a sleek wooden pair is also available with the same specs.

Grado Pokemon Headphones

Grado Labs has also implemented new technology into this unique collaboration. The earpads feature a redesigned housing, allowing for better ventilation. The unit also uses the company's fourth-generation X drivers, which are meticulously tuned to the housing they reside in.

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"Our favorite collaborations are ones that challenge us to build something different than what we’ve been doing for decades, and these fit that quite nicely," reads Grado Labs' website. "To bridge function and design, we built a new ventilation system in the shape of a Poké Ball. If this design didn’t meet our standards, it wouldn’t move forward. Fortunately not only do they sound great, they’re one of our favorite designs we’ve ever put to a headphone." 


The headphones are available on Pokémon Center's website starting at $295.99 for the metal version and $495.99 for the wooden version. Only one pair can be purchased per customer.

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