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Gaming hardware and technology brand Razer has developed what they call the "world's smartest mask." Titled Project Hazel, the mask has the promise of being a more customizable and sustainable alternative to disposable surgical masks without compromising on safety.

Following the initial onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Razer was one of the companies that stepped up to provide much-needed PPE amid a global shortage. To date, the company has produced over 1 million surgical masks. However, as Razer's Director of Design Charlie Bolton explains, that endeavor led to the realization that a more sustainable option was missing from the market. Thus, Project Hazel was born.

First and foremost, Project Hazel has the high-quality filtration equivalent to that of an N95 respirator. The mask additionally comes with a protective charging case, which is lined with interior UV lights. The light effectively kills viruses and bacteria present on the mask as it charges, ensuring the user's safety with each subsequent use. 

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The mask's design and voice amplification technology also makes it more conducive to social settings. The clear covering allows those around to see the wearer's facial expressions. Because the barrier does not sit against the user's mouth, it also prevents voice muffling. 

The fact that Project Hazel is equipped with the added flair of the company's signature Razer Chroma custom lighting technology is just icing on the cake. The feature puts 16.8 million possible lighting colors at the user's fingertips along with a suite of animations and effects. 

While there is no release date for Project Hazel as of yet, we suspect avid festival goers will be itching to get their hands on these as the live music industry trends towards reopening.



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