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Rebeleon Entertainment is revolutionizing the way we listen to music by introducing a new 3D audio format that can be experienced using any kind of headphones or earbuds.

Rebeleon is run by 18-time Grammy-winning producer Sebastian Krys, who has teamed up with Immersion Networks to power the innovative progression in audio. Immersion is headquartered in Redmond, Washington and was founded in 2014 by Paul Hubert and James Johnston, the inventor of the MP3 and AAC codecs.

“Immersion is dedicated to making the world a better sounding place,” said Hubert in a press release. “We are grateful to have found such enthusiastic and talented partners for our debut releases. We are honored to work with Sebastian and the team at Rebeleon on our mission to bring the future of audio to everyone, everywhere, without forcing you to buy new hardware or change your listening habits.”

Krys used Immersion Networks' patented technology on two recent projects, which marked the first two of their kind in the innovative new format. The first one was Colombian duo VALE’s latest EP and “USA,” the most recent single from Inti & Vicente. Check out "USA" in normal and 3D audio below.

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This new listening format simply requires a pair of headphones or earbuds to experience the full effect. The first thing you may notice with the 3D version is that it sounds much more in-depth. The percussion is spaced out, and it feels like you’re in the studio with Inti & Vicente. The vocals and bass still take the spotlight, but a number of the effects sound wider and, well, immersed.

“Immersion Networks' platform is the greatest development in audio since the dawn of stereo,” added Krys. “It was created by music makers and is available to any consumer without having to purchase special hardware. Immersion’s audio improves the listening experience for everyone, not just people with the means to buy expensive equipment.” 



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