Techno music and kaleidoscopic visuals aren't typically a recipe for success when it comes to dialing into your work for an afternoon. But with their new "Deeper Focus" collaboration, producer Richie Hawtin and technology company Endel are here to change the game. 

Out this month, "Deeper Focus" is an audiovisual soundscape housed on Endel's neuroscience-backed iOS application. Engineered to boost productivity and focus, it features minimalistic noir-inspired visuals against a brooding soundtrack of hypnotic techno music. 

"Deeper Focus" is powered by AI technology, which generates the music in real-time from a library of sounds produced by Hawtin's Plastikman alias. This unique trait allows users' listening experiences to adapt to their location, light exposure and heart rate.

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"If you think about it, technology has always been between me and my audience, and this is no different, only that perhaps the technology in-between is this time a little more intelligent," Hawtin said in a press release.

"Deeper Focus" is the second such soundscape to be hosted on the Endel app, following Grimes' "AI Lullaby." According to a recent study, these personalized audiovisual mixes can provide a sevenfold increase in focus while working, providing a benefit that beats out both silence and pre-arranged playlists on streaming platforms.

You can access "Deeper Focus" via a free 7-day trial on the Endel app, available for download here.






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