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For music producers on the hunt for fresh sounds and samples, Slooply is a new platform offering access to over a million sounds.

Producers are able to expand their sample library on Slooply by accessing a myriad of instruments for their tracks, like brass, flutes, saxophones, and even unconventional ones like the quenacho and the piccolo. The service allows users to browse and select these sounds by genre, mood, type, key or artist—all in high-quality WAV format—and employ them in their compositions.

The website also lets musicians cast a wide net by downloading MIDI files so they can plug and match their samples for seamless melody creation. They can also download free sample packs, which are rooted in hip-hop, trap, EDM, and virtually every contemporary music genre.

Slooply's website.

Slooply's website.

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Slooply is a cloud-based monthly subscription service, but musicians can take advantage of it by opening an account and launching a free subscription plan, which enables them to peruse and download over 3,000 sounds. This option allows them to familiarize themselves with the platform to choose the right plan for their needs. But a paid subscription, which starts at $7.99, enables unlimited access to the expansive sound bank.

You can find out more about Slooply here. For a special 50% discount on all plans, use the code EDM50.



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