The Yacht Week, a unique floating festival and travel experience, has launched Soundwaves, an app that analyses a user’s Spotify listening habits to recommend a destination and activities they would enjoy, then provides a personalized "Sounds To Sail To" playlist. 

Be it Croatia (multiple routes, including an Ultra Europe experience), Greece, the Caribbean or Montenegro, each destination on The Yacht Week has its own pace and programmed activities with a soundtrack to match. This allows Soundwaves to "find the rhythm of your route" based on a user’s music choices. 

Soundwaves uses data provided through Spotify Connect to analyze a user’s listening habits against 370 behavior points, scoring high on some and lower on others, with each point also indicating a certain affiliation to a specific route and activity. The analysis creates a profile based on danceability, energy and genre, which allows Soundwaves to curate an individual trip. For example, if a user scores "high" across danceability, energy and genres, Soundwaves may recommend the Croatia route with activities such as The Buzz Boat, Wakeboarding and The Yacht Week Run Club. However, a "low" score will result in a different experience, such as a recommendation of Greece with Natural Bay Lunch Swims, Seaside Yoga Session, and Sunset Dinner.

The Soundwaves concept is already proving popular. In its first week, there have been over 20,000 sessions to the landing site and over 600 unique and personalized playlists created. The data shows an audience of music lovers, with 86% of users listening to a diverse range of genres. Based on the analytics, the Croatia Original Route is currently the most recommended, followed closely by the newly launched Dubrovnik Route. 

The Yacht Week provides an unforgettable travel experience for around 12,000 guests a year, with around 1,500 yachts taking to the water around music as a central theme. The Yacht Week has invested heavily in music, developing The Buzz Boat, a floating DJ booth powered by VOID Acoustics, featuring globally renowned DJs (Claptone was a headliner in 2018). The Yacht Week also works with local venues on each route to deliver huge parties and is committed to supporting up-and-coming artists as well as big names. 

Connect to Soundwaves here.