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Discovering sounds on Splice will never be the same. 

Splice's new AI-powered technology, CoSo, is completely changing how music producers and sound designers discover and harness audio. Designed to provide creatives with a simple, effective way to discover new sounds for their work, the intelligent surface for music creation was developed by Splice's in-house ML&Audio Science Innovation Team.

CoSo is straightforward to use. Since it pairs Complementary Sounds technology with Splice's massive sounds catalog, there are billions of possible tonal combinations for producers to discover. To get started, users can choose a "style" before CoSo spits out a unique "stack" of loops. Similarly to Tinder, users can swipe right for a new sound, left to delete, tap on a layer to mute, or long-press to solo it.

After sifting through Splice's expansive sound bank and finding a combination of sounds, the user can import them into their DAW (digital audio workstation).

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"I believe we will hear a richer and more diverse selection of sounds bubbling up through this technology, that we might surprise creatives with new ideas," says team lead Ale Koretzky. "Some people will use it to discover sounds and others will use it to create music. At Splice we advocate for the artist and put humans at the center of any canvas. We hope that by integrating intelligent discovery, curation, and creation, we can help creators with instant inspiration wherever they are." 

Find out more about CoSo here.



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