Spotify and Riot Games have joined forces to spawn quite a formidable tandem in the EDM and gaming crossover space.

The streaming behemoth has signed an exclusive deal with Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, to become the official audio streaming partner for the game's Esports global events. The momentous partnership kicks off ahead of the game's 2020 World Championship on September 25th and will also encompass the Mid-Season Invitational and All-Star Event.

The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game remains the most popular Esport in the world. In 2019 alone, massive tournaments were held in over 37 different cities across five continents, amassing a record-breaking viewership of 21.8 million average minute audience. Moreover, the official League of Legends Spotify soundtrack amasses over 4.8 million monthly listeners, solidifying the game as a major player in the streaming space. 

"Our partnership with Riot Games will create a first-of-its-kind audio universe for the millions of Spotify and League of Legends fans across the globe," said June Sauvaget, Spotify's Global Head of Consumer and Product Marketing. "As the exclusive—and first ever—global audio service partner for League of Legends, we plan to create a world-class audio-streaming experience for our users, making discovering both music and podcasts easier than ever before."

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According to an official press release issued to announce the partnership, Spotify and Riot Games are are collaborating on a number of League of Legends-themed podcasts, with the first launching this fall. "Untold Stories: Top Moments from Worlds" is a 9-episode series in which LoL fans may access "game highlights, recorded interviews, game sound effects, and new interviews with key players." The streaming giant also revealed a dedicated LoL hub on its platform, which was developed to provide "new and existing music, podcasts, and playlists inspired by the gaming community, including Official League of Legends and Road to Worlds 2020 playlists."

"Music and story-telling have become an intrinsic part of our sport and game, so we are excited to partner with Spotify to provide our fans with another platform where they can enjoy a new manifestation of League of Legends esports," added Naz Aletaha, Head of Global Esports Partnerships at Riot Games. "Powered by our shared commitment to innovation, this partnership with Spotify further unlocks our ability to merge sports, technology, and music to create unforgettable entertainment experiences and content."

Check out the official League of Legends Spotify playlist below.


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