Finding the song that's stuck in your head just got a whole lot easier. For their latest feature rollout, Spotify has added the ability to search for songs by their lyrics on the platform. 

A Spotify engineer revealed the new functionality in a tweet, encouraging users to try the feature. Several users reported back their search was successful even when searching using lyrics from more obscure content. 

Users should pay attention to the tags in the results when searching content. Search matches that are returned based on lyrics will display a white "Lyrics match" tag under the song and artist name.

Spotify's new feature now matches the search capability of its competitor, Apple Music, which has had the functionality since late 2018.

Spotify's latest offering marks the second lyric-related feature the platform has added in 2020. Earlier this year, the Stockholm-based streaming giant began rolling out real-time lyrics powered by MusixMatch, which allows users to view a song's lyrics as they listen. The feature is only currently available in 26 emerging markets and has not yet hit the United States.


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