The Spotify experience is now hands-free. In a move to step up their "voice" game, the music streaming giant has implemented the use of a wake word that will allow users to navigate within the app upon command. 

Simply saying "Hey Spotify" now yields an on-screen prompt to try saying the name of a playlist, artist, or song. The wake word function will only activate if the app is open and presently onscreen. Even as music is playing, using the function will allow users to redirect with ease. 

Big tech sleuth Jane Manchum Wong first discovered that Spotify was working on such a feature back in early 2020. From the looks of her screenshots, the final product presently rolling out to users seems to be vastly similar to what she had uncovered at the time.

Digital Music News reports that the feature is not especially different from what existing voice assistants such as Siri can accomplish already. However, if rumors are true about Spotify's potential foray into hands-free, car audio hardware, voice controls will be critical for such devices to function appropriately.

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For iOS users, navigating to "Settings," then "Voice Interactions," and finally toggling "Enable Voice" should activate the feature.



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