Fans of techno artist Remute may have to dig deep into their keepsakes for the proper modality to play his latest album.

The innovative chiptune artist is set to release his upcoming Living Electronics album as a physical release exclusively playable as a cartridge on Nintendo's iconic 8-bit Game Boy console.  

Remute is no stranger to porting his musical works on retro hardware systems, frequently retrofitting his sounds to work within the limitations of old technologies. His 2019 Technoptimistic album saw its physical release on the Mega Drive and The Cult Of Remute landed on the SNES a year later. 

“As with all systems I’ve done albums on before, it was quite challenging to compress my vision down to its pure essence,” Remute told NME. “The result sounds more like New Wave, Italo Disco and early Detroit Techno and features even some songs with vocals."

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Part of Remute's fascination with the exercise comes from the fact that the sounds are generated by the Game Boy's chip in real time. While at one point such sound chips were the only way to hear music in-game, the technology phased out entirely beginning in the mid-90s.

Remute's 15-track Living Electronics album can be pre-ordered now via Bandcamp prior to its full release on September 17th.


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