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Teenage Engineering is bringing the vocal range of a full choir to your home studio.

The Swedish hardware company has always been forward-thinking when it comes to production functionality and design, like their portable pocket synth series and Record Factory, the company’s at-home solution for allowing musicians to print their own 5″ vinyl records.

Now, the developer has returned with a new studio weapon, the Teenage Engineering Choir.

The choir consists of an eight-piece set of crafted wooden “dolls,” each equipped to “sing” with its own unique vocal pattern. Each doll was created with the influence of a specific musical culture in mind and when placed together, they are capable of recognizing each other in the space. They can then deliver harmonized performances.

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The cast of wooden characters is equipped to perform a pre-programmed collection of 22 famous songs so far, in addition to your own musical compositions.

Simply tapping the doll on the head can activate performances of timeless classics such as Beethoven’s “An die Freude” and seasonal hits like “Carol of the Bells.” By syncing one or more of the devices up to a MIDI keyboard, music producers can add these unique voices to their own tracks as well.

Each member of the Teenage Engineering Choir is sold separately for $249 via the company’s website.


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