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It's 2012. SoundCloud is the biggest thing in music since the iPod. UZ, Baauer, Flosstradamus and HU₵₵I are dropping the craziest songs you've ever heard. You show your friends and become an aux legend. Life is good.

Before SoundCloud's broken business model drove artists away like bad breath, it was the epicenter of electronic music discovery. And the advent of trap music on the platform led to the genre's explosion—with UZ's fabled "Trap Shit" series serving as ground zero.

Considered a pioneering trap artist, UZ was emblematic of the golden era of SoundCloud, when bedroom producers could scrap together 808s and a simple chord progression and blow up overnight. Just ask RL Grime, who abandoned his mainstream dance music alias, Clockwork, after the volcanic success of his 2012 track "Trap On Acid."

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UZ has now turned back the clock to those simpler days by producing a remastered digital version of his seminal series' first-ever installment, "Trap Shit V1." Why, you ask? NFTs of course—because, well, 2022.

UZ's Quality Goods Records recently partnered with Pianity, a music NFT marketplace, to drop digital collectibles of his and the label's most iconic songs. After minting the remastered "Trap Shit V1" on the platform, it sold as a non-fungible token for $506 before UZ made more editions available.

According to UZ, longtime fans can expect "Trap Shit" Volumes 1-5 to drop "in the next few weeks." You can find out more here.





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