Since launching in 2003, Virtual DJ has gone on to become one of the most useful resources for those looking to enter into the world of DJing without shelling out hundreds of dollars on equipment. The free-to-use software equipment is now revamping its functionality for 2021, introducing a new installment that will improve upon the quality of its real-time stem separation technology.

Now, users can mix in various components of their tracks such as vocals, instruments, kicks, and hi-hats in real-time, allowing for live mashups and seamless transitions. With the use of ModernEQs and new Stem pads and waveforms, users will have access to a comprehensive and user-friendly interface to view and manipulate tracks. 

"The release of this new technology has really put us in the spotlight, and we saw an incredible number of customers switching over from competitors," said CEO Stephane Clavel. "That gave all the team a boost of energy and pride, and got us to work double-time to improve on this already amazing feature. And we’re not going to stop there."

Virtual DJ is leading the way for DJ software, with over 100 million downloads worldwide. It's the perfect tool not only for those starting their career but also those pros looking to step up their game. Download VirtualDJ 2021 for free here