From self-driving to generating wet fart noises in "fart mode," Teslas really can do it all. They can even be used to produce music.

Diplo shared a video today in which he makes a beat from scratch—with his Tesla. Using nothing but his car's dashboard, he recreated the beat of "New Love," his new Silk City single with Mark Ronson and Ellie Goulding.

What is this sorcery, you ask? It looks like Diplo used a program called TRAX, a digital audio workstation (DAW) offered by Tesla in one of the company's recent vehicular software updates. The in-car music studio had been available to owners in late 2019, but it has now been enhanced with expanded capabilities. While TRAX is much more limited than industry-standard DAWs like Ableton and Logic Pro, the music production software allows Tesla owners to create simple sounds and beats from the comfort of the driver's seat. 

One question remains, however: will Elon Musk see a cut of royalties from any song produced in a Tesla?




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