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In the increasingly oversaturated world of NFTs, Zedd sought out to create something that stood out. In his words, he wanted to create "the best NFT there is." By the looks of it, his latest effort in the very least certainly deserves to be in the conversation.

The immersive visuals guide us through a journey of miniature rooms and environments to the inimitable sounds of Zedd. In his announcement, the Grammy-winning artist explained that initially he was using one particular synth to soundtrack the clip, but upon seeing the finished product, he returned to square one to switch things up.

The final result is a melody that morphs with the visual environments, appropriately framing the mood and tone of each scene. At the tail end of the journey, the camera takes us into one of the rooms, a vast environment consisting of islands suspended in the sky.

"Visually, each room of this giant tower is a different world," Zedd explains. "I wrote & produced the song all with one sound but once Gabe created the different rooms I changed all the sounds for each of them to really match the audio to what you see. We wanted to change music genres & emotions all within one short piece."

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If you ask the industry experts, the consensus is that NFTs are a medium for artists to do some world-building and storytelling in ways previously unpredicted. Built alongside acclaimed visual artist Gabe Damast, Zedd's "Diorama" is a perfect testament to that use case.

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