Following Bandcamp's monumental Juneteenth fundraiser, where the music platform donated 100% of its share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, a group of anonymous volunteers have developed a website with over 2000 Black artists and labels to support.

The website, called, was developed as an easy way to sort and filter an expansive spreadsheet that was created earlier in the month of June, which featured over 1000 Black artists and labels and was shared prevalently throughout the industry. According to the site, the goal of the sheet is to "support Black artists, producers and labels through their Bandcamp links."

In addition to search filters by name, location, and genre, the platform enables users to use a "random shuffle" feature, which allows them to discover new music from Black artists and labels. The platform's operators also invite users to submit their own music via its "Add Submission Page" portal.

You can check out the full website here.