CashNetUSA's personal finance blog SavingSpot recently published a study that highlights the difference in the cost of an Apple Music subscription between countries. Their data shows both the actual cost of the monthly subscription and also the relative cost which computes the subscription price as a percentage of the country's average monthly income.

As shown in the infographic below, India, China, and Turkey have the cheapest monthly subscription costs while listeners in Denmark, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom have the highest costs.

However, the ensuing charts—which compare the costs to monthly income—show that Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, and Macau pay the least while subscribers in Niger, Mozambique, and Madagascar pay the most when the cost is examined in terms of percentage of monthly income.

These points are also demonstrated in the maps below, which expand to show the costs and prices in the countries outside the top ten regions.

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Over the summer, SavingSpot conducted a similar study in regards to Spotify's monthly subscription costs. When comparing the results from their previous study, one can see similarities in both the cheapest and most expensive subscription lists. 

Both India and Denmark are still at the top of their respective rankings while the top three countries from each Apple Music list are included in the top ten of their Spotify companion, with the exception of China.


This is expanded upon in the map below, which compares the two subscription services and displays which one is cheaper around the world.

You can view SavingSpot's entire Apple Music pricing report on their website here.



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