Modern producers across all genres have been using the technique known as sampling, or using sounds from existing music to create something new, for decades. This technique can be tricky from a technical standpoint, but copyright laws are another obstacle that can be tough to get around with the use of sampling. Fortunately, the United States Library of Congress, of all institutions, now has a tool to help producers with all of their sampling needs.

Citizen DJ, a project by the Library that has amassed a staggering collection of over three million samples, will allow producers to use those samples without the worry of infringing on copyright laws. The samples within Citizen DJ are completely royalty-free, meaning  there aren't any restrictions on their use, allowing producers to incorporate the samples into their own music in any way they see fit. 

This means that original works using samples from the Citizen DJ project are free from any type of creative restriction or worry regarding distribution. It's essentially a producer's buffet—over three million samples make the possibilities for musicians limitless. 

The Citizen DJ project was created by b-boy and Libary worker Brian Foo, as part of the Library of Congress' "Innovator-In-Residence" program. It's only running until September 2020, so producers interested in downloading samples individually or in bulk should waste no time digging in. 

Citizen DJ's breadth of royalty-free samples can be browsed here

H/T: MusicRadar



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