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Non-profit organization DanceSafe has officially released their updated drug-checking instructions. Although they have always been precise and user-friendly, these lifesaving guides are now as transparent as possible so anyone can understand and use them correctly.

"After over a year, many 12-hour co-working days, blood, sweat, tears, discussions with global allies in drug checking, nit-picky editing, designing and redesigning and redesigning, we've completely upgraded ALL of our drug checking instructions," DanceSafe announced in an Instagram post. "We're really proud of them. Please take advantage of them."

Now shipping with every new order, the instructions are also available as PDFs on the DanceSafe store product pages.

Operating under the principles of harm reduction and peer-based education, DanceSafe is known for bringing adulterant screening to the rave and nightlife community. Neither condoning nor condemning drug use, the organization provides a nonjudgemental perspective to help support people who use drugs in making informed decisions about their health and safety.

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Last year there were over 100,000 overdose deaths, a nearly 28.5% surge from the record numbers we saw in 2020. Not only does the nonprofit offer services to prevent overdose and death, but they also provide free water and electrolytes to prevent dehydration and heatstroke, free safe sex tools to avoid unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STIs, and free ear plugs to prevent hearing loss.

By testing their drugs, users can reduce the risk of overdose from unknowingly consuming dangerous substances like fentanyl, which could be mixed into the supply. In fact, it's very common for street drugs to be laced with multiple other adulterants that can prove to be dangerous and even fatal.


An analysis of street drug samples taken by TEDI in 2013.

The reality is that people are going to do drugs, and preaching abstinence simply is not effective. If people do partake, it's important that they are educated and have the resources for testing so they can stay safe. Stay up-to-date on all things harm reduction, health and safety by following DanceSafe via the links below.





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