Earlier in the month of July, organizers of the UK outdoor event Gisburne Park Pop-Up touted the event as Britain's first socially distanced festival, saying there would be "something for everyone from socially-distanced raving to big-name DJs."

Following the event's debut, many are using it as a litmus test for what festivals and concerts may look like in a post-COVID-19 musical landscape. Only 480 people were able to attend each day, and they partied in hexagonal pitches that were capped at a maximum of 6 people. The structures were placed 8.5 meters away from each other to comply with social distancing guidelines.

With the exception of using the restroom and sanitizing stations as well as entering and leaving the festival, revelers were not permitted to leave their designated pitches. Food and drinks were delivered to each hexagon by festival employees, who also maintaining social distancing.

Take a look inside the Gisburne Park Pop Up festival below.



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