1. Custom GIF’s

GIF’s are a quite new and really effective way of communicating online. It’s not that GIFS have just been invented but we just recently started using them for our daily communication online. By using GIF’s it’s way easier to express your feelings online, that’s why we love them.

By creating your own custom GIF’s you’re creating an extra option to build your brand. You can use them yourself in your online communication and you empower fans to use them as well so that they will help you build your brand.

2. Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook Stories

Hopefully isn’t new to you, but I do feel the urge to notify you on this. The social media land changed since Snapchat got onto our phones. We went from posting picture-perfect photos to sharing the ugliest and useless content of ourselves and we don’t even care. Want to know why? Because it disappears. 

Whenever you post something on the internet it’s most likely that it’s gonna be there for the rest of your life but Snapchat created a game changer, by inventing a thing called ‘Stories’. When you post a photo on your story timeline it will automatically disappear within 24 hours. This gives you the option to show content that isn’t edited or what so ever. Just raw material of how you’ve spent your day.

Here’s a small example of how you can use your stories timeline.

08:00 Photo of breakfast

10:00 Video of a friend and you walking to the local coffee bar

12:00 Photo of lunch

15:00 Video of you facepalming since you’re so done with this day

18:00 Photo of you and your friend getting ready for dinner

21:00 video of you walking towards the cocktail bar

01:00 video of you and your friend getting crazy in the club

As you can see, this is just an example of things that you can show people on your daily stories timeline but let it be an inspiration to more.

By using stories you’re able to give your fans a deeper insight into your life and there are so many creative ways to create content for this. The possibilities are endless… For instance, you’re on tour and you want to show your fans what you are going through every day. What do you eat? Where do you sleep? How do you travel? Who are the persons that are traveling with you? So. Many. Things. to show!

Get creative and interact with people!

3. Create your own hashtag

This is a tip that a lot of people are forgetting about. It’s not gonna give you the biggest impact ever but it is a nice subtle way to build your online branding and to interact with your fanbase.

Create a hashtag and tell your fan base to communicate by using that hashtag, for instance:

Campaign: You’re organizing a remix contest

Tell the remix contest participants to use the hashtag #awesomeremixcontest whenever they post the remix online. When they post it using this hashtag they will automatically participate in the contest and it’s really easy for you to find your fan base and all the remixes that have been created.

4. Go Live!

Another trending way of communicating online is going live on your social pages. Facebook started this a while ago and starting a live video is one of the most efficient ways of growing an organic reach without paying.

A lot of people are afraid of going online since ‘a lot of things can go wrong’. Just start doing this! You always have the option to delete the recording when you’re done with the live show.