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Following the onset of COVID-19, Italy emerged as one of the world's hardest hit countries. The virus had a devastating impact, shuttering the country and forcing its residents into lockdown in a matter of weeks. As of May 19th 2020, Italy has reported over 226,000 cases of the virus, but that number is assumed to be much higher due to those who are asymptomatic as well as those who opted to quarantine and recover from home.

As other countries begin to ease restrictions on COVID-19-related ordinances, the government of Italy has followed suit by revealing its plans to reopen the country, which has been dormant in lockdown since early March.

The reopening of Italy is an optimistic development in the global COVID-19 saga, but it of course comes with a myriad of safety-related caveats. Italian restaurants, bars, and cafés have been given the green light to resume operations as of May 18th, 2020, but everyone who enters the establishments must wear a face-mask at all times and abide by government-mandated social distancing guidelines while not seated at their table.

Moreover, live music events are set to reenter the fray starting on June 15th, 2020. However, the venues must cap their capacity at 200 for indoor events and 1,000 for outdoor events. Patrons must also wear face-masks at all times and, again, abide by social distancing mandates.

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