Artists, now is the time to make your content Matter. This new music platform gives you all of the tools you need to create a custom experience for your fans the minute they land on your page. With Matter, you can showcase all of your creative work in one place and make a space for friends and fans to interact like never before.

Features include:

  • Share videos, text posts, images, reposts, and more
  • Curate your custom shop (sell beats, sound packs, artwork, and more)
  • Display your entire music catalog (feature top songs, albums, and playlists)

  • Create your own Artist Club and give fans exclusive access to unique content

Matter also gives you new opportunities to monetize all of your content, creating multiple revenue streams within the same platform. Through your personalized artist profile, you can sell a wide variety of services in your shop. 

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One of these services is the Artist Club.  Through this, you can create a subscription service for an exclusive Artist Club to receive direct communication and donations from supporters all over the world. Here you can share exclusive access to your new music, merch, news, and more to your fans all over the world. Matter makes it easy to manage and divide funds with the option to set custom revenue splits with other artists and collaborators with the click of a button.

Matter was created by a team of artists themselves, so they put great thought into which features are the most important to include. The team realizes how much time and effort is put into the quality of your tracks and the development of your vision. That’s why they allow the upload of uncompressed .wav files and free unlimited uploads alongside GIFs and video support with your music. This allows you to tie in both the highest quality of audio and video to deliver an entire experience to your audience with each release.

You can sign up for the new program here.



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