With nightlife across the United Kingdom (and the rest of the world) still at a virtual standstill amid regulations and safety precautions enacted in order to limit the spread of COVID-19, nightclubs and venues are facing a severe fallout with no way to reopen. The Night Time Industries Association is now making a push to get the UK government to allow clubs to operate once again, but if it happens, things certainly won't go back to the way they were before the pandemic.

"Whilst there are some areas of increased risks over other sectors there are many real benefits that such businesses have over other sectors," said a report from the NTIA. "Particularly, [as] all our venues have security to give 100% cover of matters such as temperature checks, track and trace, and keeping customer behaviour in check."

The Association's vision for reopening would allow clubs to utilize security staff to enact the proper safety protocols, including checking the temperatures of patrons upon entry and ensuring that face coverings are being worn while in each venue. Reduced club capacity would also be in the cards, according to the report. 

After months of not being able to operate, clubs across the UK and the rest of the world are reaching a "critical point," according to the report, and struggling to find ways to stay afloat. The NTIA is pleading for the government to acquiesce to their request so that those businesses can reassume operations. "We implore the government to give us the opportunity to reopen in a safe, risk-assessed way,” said Michael Kill, chief executive of the Association.

The full Night Time Industries Association report can be read here