Beverly Hills-based United Talent Agency (UTA), one of the most renowned talent agencies in the world, released the results of a survey they conducted to "inform our agents, clients, partners and the entertainment industry at large.” The survey produced some very insightful and positive results regarding the concert and music livestreaming landscape.

Teaming up with New York-based consumer insights platform SightX, UTA IQ, the agency's data and analytics arm, surveyed approximately 1110 people about the entertainment they've been digesting over the course of the pandemic. According to the results, 90% of concertgoers have sought to replace the live music experience while adhering to “safer at home” regulations instated during the pandemic, and 70% of new streamers who did not previously livestream say they plan to continue doing so even after the COVID-19 crisis is over.

Moreover, 46% of the people who were surveyed said they checked out a livestreamed musical performance while on lockdown, and 28% divulged that they had paid for access to those streams.

In a statement regarding the survey, UTA also demystified its results by explaining their importance to the future of live music. “Prior to COVID-19, the appetite for virtual concerts was limited. Now, optimising the virtual experience may be critical to the future of live music, the statement reads. "Music tech companies have quickly begun to legitimise the livestream business through ticketing and offering community-based features that hope to replicate the shared experience of attending a live event.”

“The newfound appreciation for livestream and virtual music events reaches beyond just the frequent concert-goer”, the statement continues. “Even before the star-studded [Lady Gaga-organised] ‘Together At Home’ livestream concert raked in more than 20 million viewers, six in ten consumers stated that they had participated or planned to participate in virtual or livestreamed music events during this period of social distancing.”