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Memories fade, but listening history lasts forever. 

No one knows this better than Spotify, who has rolled out their annual Wrapped campaign. Once per year, this ubiquitous feature comes out of the woodwork to give us a glimpse into the inner workings of our musical minds: Were we happy this year? Were we sad? Who did we turn to? 

Now in its fifth year, not only does Spotify Wrapped provide a platform for listener self-reflection, but it also gives artists a unique opportunity to see—and share—just how much they accomplished. And in 2021, EDM emerged victorious, with artists taking over social media to thank their fans for their dedication. From the millions of plays they achieved on their tracks to the hundreds of countries their music was streamed from, there's a lot to celebrate.

In addition to the usual quantitative highlights, like total hours streamed, total number of top listeners, and total number of profile shares, Artist Wrapped also added more qualitative features this year, like Audio Aura and Throwback Track. The former puts together the moods, genre and sounds associated with an artist's music while the latter showcases their top catalogue track that's still driving streams today. 

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