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Spotify For Artists just unveiled its latest feature that will make it easier than ever for artists to engage more with listeners. 

Canvas, the feature that allows artists to upload three to eight second visual clips that loop during playback of some Spotify releases, was just improved with the addition of the Canvas Designer Marketplace. The new feature is available through SoundBetter, the platform's music production arm that allows artists to find studios, audio engineers, singers, and freelance music professionals. 

With the Canvas Designer Marketplace, users can now connect with visual artists to create custom Canvas visuals for their new releases. Those artists are experts at crafting engaging visuals and optimizing their performance. Many of the artists offering services on SoundBetter's Canvas Designer Marketplace have created Canvas visuals for some of music's biggest names. They include Helen Ratner (FKA Twigs, Steve Aoki, Kanye West), Ian Eager (Lil Tecca, Pop Smoke, Lil Wayne), and WEWRKWKNDS (Zedd, Katy Perry, Billie Eillish), among others. 

Users can pick the right fit to match their vision based on budget, genre, reviews, and other metrics. Additionally, the Canvas service will be made available to more creators via Spotify For Artists, expanding creative opportunities for users to maximize engagement and listener retention.

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The use of Canvas visuals has been proven to increase shares, stream time, playlist adds, and artist profile visits. With the addition of the Canvas Designer Marketplace and more accessibility, Spotify For Artists will give users more opportunities than ever to connect with their audiences. 

For more information on SoundBetter's Canvas Designer Marketplace, check out the official Spotify For Artists blog post



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