The handy little Spotify barcodes that generate a unique code for any track, album, or playlist you want to share are now being integrated into bananas.

No, "bananas" isn't the name of a new high-tech app you've never heard of until now. The codes are being incorporated into stickers on the literal yellow fruit, thanks to a new partnership between Spotify and preeminent banana distributor Chiquita.

According to an announcement by Chiquita, the company partnered with Spotify to print custom barcodes on the iconic blue stickers it appends to its bananas. Five limited-edition, scannable stickers now appear on Chiquita bananas at grocery stores, where you can you use your Spotify app to link to the fruit's code.

The stickers correspond to five different Spotify playlists, which, according to the announcement, were carefully curated with feel-good music to lift spirits during these harrowing times contrived by the COVID-19 pandemic. The playlists are called "Feeling Happy," "Tropical Vibes," "Smile Workout," "Classics," and "Cook and Dance." Banana-scanners will also be able to listen to five new remixes of Chiquita's original 1950s jingle. 

Moreover, in a move plucked right out of Willy Wonka's playbook, some bananas are fitted with a special sixth "Golden Banana" sticker, which allows fans to unlock games and opportunities to win music-related prizes.

“The Spotify Blue Sticker series is intended to encourage those staying at home to join in a world-wide celebration of cheerful music and connect with playlists designed to get fans up and moving,” said Carlos Lopez Flores, President of Chiquita. “By tapping into Spotify’s 248 million active monthly users, Chiquita is continuing its mission of highlighting the fun side of healthy living by offering an opportunity to get active and boost fans’ moods during a challenging global situation.”

According to Mobile Marketer, who cited a recent survey by The Packer, 69% of U.S. shoppers say they purchase bananas, which puts them in a tie with apples as our nation's most popular fruit. Essentially, due to the popularity of bananas, the new partnership represents an opportunity for Chiquita to re-skin its flagship product into a vehicle for content distribution and for Spotify to reach a larger group of users adjacent to the music industry.

Find out more about the partnership via Chiquita's official website here.