Following the Swiss government's easing of lockdown restrictions on June 6th, 2020, the country's nightclubs are finally experiencing a renaissance.

Indoor venues in Switzerland are now allowed to host events with a capacity of 300 until midnight and without any social distancing rules. However, patrons must provide consent upon entry.

Weetamix and D!Club are two of the country's many nightclubs that have already capitalized on the felicitous lift of lockdown ordinances, recently throwing events at minimized capacity. Swiss-Chilean DJ Luciano headlined events at both venues last weekend, where the capacities were 100 and 300, respectively. You can check out a video of his performance at Weetamix below.

"It was a phenomenal feeling, a true sense of hope," Luciano told Resident Advisor. "We weren't sure if the events were going to happen, if the police were going to come and shut us down. There were some rules. There was hand sanitiser and some people were wearing masks. At the beginning, there was some separation on the dance floor, but after three or four hours, people were getting closer."

As of the time of writing, the green-light for event organizers to admit up to 1,000 people is still pending and hinging on an imminent decision by Switzerland’s Federal Council on June 24th.



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