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A recent study concluded that one in three music listeners in the United States discovers new music through Twitch.

The study was conducted by the analytics platform Luminate in Q4 2021, according to Music Business Worldwide. Luminate's research included 2,300 consumers in the United States between the age of 13 to 40 who are Twitch users and who use the Amazon-owned platform specifically for music-related content.

Interestingly, the study found that 54% of those surveyed discovered music from Twitch streamers who shouted out songs or artists, recommending them during a livestream. Moreover, Twitch users make "over 10 times more direct-to-artists payments per month than the average music listener," per the study. 

Additionally, Twitch users overwhelmingly listen to EDM over any other genre. The study notes that users are 84% more likely to listen to EDM than the average music listener.

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"Gaming and music are intrinsically linked, and much of the culture and fan behavior of our gaming community has resonated and found success with our music community," Geetha Mathews, Twitch's Head of Music Strategy and Content, told MBW. "We are fueling the passion of this leaned-in audience by surfacing a diverse range of creators who are incredibly talented but still under the radar, driving discovery of emerging artists."

Luminate's study also found that Twitch users spend 21% more time per week listening to music "than the average music listener" and that the platform's users spend "46% more of their hard-earned cash on music (per month) than the average music listener."




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