Unitea Music, a multi-dimensional, community-building streaming application designed to better connect artists with their fans, recently launched its Artist Digital Revenue Program. 

Unitea aims to create fan incentives for engaging with the music of their favorite artists. The platform operates under a point system called "Karma" that allows fans to generate and exchange Karma for rewards. Throughout the entire weekend of Room Service Music Festival, over 50,000 songs were streamed by fans, leading to the redemption of over 170 merchandise prizes. A headlining set by REZZ drew in an influx of listeners who streamed her music 3,000 times alone.

The Artist Digital Revenue Program is proving artists have a lot to gain by focusing their efforts on Unitea as well. The company states that it is currently amplifying Spotify and Apple Music streaming payout royalties by over 50X via its Artist Digital Revenue Program.

The weekend of heightened engagement has greatly raised Unitea's profile, propelling it to #160 on Apple's App Store. As the company continues to empower artists and create a sustainable streaming economy, the future is looking bright.


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