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She's been dubbed the "new generation" by Carl Cox. Tapped for remixes by the likes of Stephan Bodzin and Alan Fitzpatrick. Streamed nearly 800,000 times via her Cercle performance in Malta. 

Simply put, Anfisa Letyago is a force to be reckoned with. And, according to an exclusive interview with, she's running entirely on instinct. 

"I have no rules. I simply follow my instinct and try to stay true to my natural female evolution," the Class of 2022 inductee and N:S:DA labelhead explained. "I need to feel free to express myself at best."

It's a doctrine that has taken the techno scene by storm, marked by a spellbinding sound both hard and soft, escapist and in the moment. Likely, this unique point of view was shaped by Letyago's upbringing in Siberia, followed by a permanent move to Napoli when she was 18.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at this producer of the moment, whose most recent release, "Liquid," is a microcosm of the minimalistic melodies and pulsating textures she is known for. Letyago's third installment of Nisida remixes is out on Friday, March 11th. First off, congratulations on being part of our Class of 2022! You're quickly becoming one of the most sought-after talents in techno music.

Anfisa Letyago: Is this really how I’m considered? I’m happy to hear that and with my professional growth. Last year I have achieved several goals and I’m very proud of myself. What values can you point to that have helped you reach this level?

Anfisa Letyago: First of all, the passion I have for my job, which gives me the energy to aim higher and higher. On top of that, my total dedication to work and study helps me a lot, along with a minimal level of performance anxiety. I always try to live everything very lightly, as if it were a game. Describe your approach to techno production. How do you go about separating your sound from the others as the genre grows in popularity?

Anfisa Letyago: I have no rules, I simply follow my instinct and try to stay true to my natural female evolution. I hardly follow trends, they’re not for me. I need to feel free to express myself at best.

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Anfisa Letyago: It depends on the period and how I feel. During the pandemic, for instance, I learned to appreciate the time I spent at home and used it to focus on the writing process and on the creation of new projects. However, live shows and the relationship with the audience are essential. Those are the moments in which I feel most alive and which I couldn’t do without.

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Anfisa Letyago: Yes, absolutely, I can’t wait to talk about it. I’m working on a very important project that represents me 100% and that tells my artistic and professional growth, who I am and where I want to go with my music in the future Your N:S:DA label has a unique backstory with ties to Greek mythology. In what ways is the mysticism of your label reflected in your music?

Anfisa Letyago: Exactly, my label takes its name from a small Island in the Gulf of Naples, where history and Greek mythology come together, a land full of mysteries and music that deeply influence those who live there. That’s what happened to me and to many other artists. N:S:DA was born with the aim of telling stories and giving voice to feelings through music, without being limited by any kind of boundary. You've also been open about how much Napoli has impacted you. What exactly about the city inspires your music?

Anfisa Letyago: It is known all over the world that music is an integral part of Naples, and for those who live in this wonderful city, it is natural and unavoidable to be influenced by this particular characteristic. Wherever you go, in every street and alley, you always meet someone singing, acting, or dancing. It’s like living in an open-air theatre where artistic contamination occurs daily. This city has deeply influenced me, kidnapped me and, at the same time, helped me grow both as a woman and as an artist. Outside of your own personal goals, what do you hope your music achieves in the long run? What kind of impact do you want it to have?

Anfisa Letyago: I work and study day by day to create something that can last over time, which won’t be cancelled in a few years. Producing only dance floor tracks is not what I aim at. I use my music and my skills to express myself both as a woman and as an artist, letting my feelings and my true love for music guide me.




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