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From Seoul to Los Angeles, rising DJ and producer Bashment YC is weaving the threads of a promising career in dance music.

The South Korean young gun recently released "Real Good," a collaboration with Illusïn and popular French producer Valy Mo released last month. The funky house tune was produced remotely, with Bashment working in South Korea and Mo chipping away in France. All said and done, they hit the nail on the head by dropping a thumping club track.

To celebrate the release, we caught up with Bashment YC to chat about new music on the horizon, his influences, and EDM culture in his hometown Seoul. What's the story behind this track? How did it come about?

Bashment YC: The track was released on Will Sparks' label Teamwrk Records in Australia and plans to be supported through UMF Australia on weekends. This track has already been introduced first by Sikdope and is supported by many dance music artists. Describe the creative process of working with Valy Mo. How did you two work together?

Bashment YC: It took about a year for this track to come out. I first conducted an original track sketch with a rising South Korean new artist, illusïn, and personally contacted Valy Mo to develop it more nicely. He liked the draft sketch of this track, and we started a collaboration between South Korea and France. Who are your dream collaborators, and why?

Bashment YC: It's also the reason why I started music, and my role model is Diplo. When I was 20 years old, I first listened to his music and started electronic music. Diplo's music is always ahead of the trend.

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Bashment YC: I have finished an EP that can show my current new character. I can't reveal the title of the album, but I can tell you that it's a mixture of deep house sensibilities that I haven't heard of in my style. This EP consists of a total of three songs, and sensual and sexy vocalists participated in all tracks. Also, this album is planned to be contacted through the big label that I am currently connected to.

In addition to this album, tracks with Korean artists MEEKMATT and Scrum will be released as compilation albums through LNY TNZ's label, Fvck Genres. These tracks are also scheduled to shoot music videos.

And collaborations with U.S. artist Black Caviar and Colombian artist Ravek will also be released soon, and one with Mighty Min, who feels the most talented in South Korea, will be released one after another through big labels.

I'm wrapping up great tracks for the fans who've always waited for me, so please look forward to it! What role do you think EDM plays in K-pop?

Bashment YC: It is a tendency to prefer artists who do EDM music in the K-pop scene. For this reason, I am also maintaining a close relationship with the Korean K-pop production The Hub and working on K-pop. Of course, even if you work in the K-pop scene, if you can make commercial music while maintaining your style to some extent, I think more wonderful tracks can come out.

Oh! And this is a song that I recently produced in K-pop. On Mnet's Street Man Fighter, a famous Korean TV show, I produced the song "SMF" with famous Korean rapper Chang Mo. Can you paint a picture of EDM culture in Seoul for our readers? What's it like?

Bashment YC: In fact, by 2020, Seoul's EDM culture rarely exists due to the coronavirus. Only a few are resident DJs for a limited time in the club, and offline meetings with fans are continued through YouTube. Also, since Korea's EDM market is not the mainstream market, it is a reality that really good DJs and producers are not attracting attention. I hope that not only me but also Korean EDM artists who are really good will draw attention from the public for their wonderful tracks. How does that world differ from Los Angeles, where you're currently based?

Bashment YC: Since the demand for dance music is higher than that of Korea, and enthusiastic listeners are much higher in the United States, working in the United States can be more helpful as a dance music artist. However, constant competition will continue here, and I think you can succeed if you have confidence and faith as an artist. I am also aware of this and intend to continue my artist career by going back and forth between the United States and South Korea.




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