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Rising Artist Bearson Intrigues Us With His Curiosity, Ambition and Future Within the Music World [Interview]

Hot off his performance at CRSSD Festival, we caught up with the "One Step at a Time" producer.
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Meet Bearson. 

From rocking the Do Lab stage at Coachella, to touring with Whethan, to playing at CRSSD Music Festival – it is safe to say Bearson has been making all the right moves this year. Norwegian tastemaker, born Jakob Bjørn Hansen, better known as Bearson, is appealing to a new generation of listeners by creating musically diverse and vibrant sounds that appeals to fans across the spectrum.

In the past 3 years, Bearson has catapulted himself in the Soundcloud community and accumulated millions of streams. Getting his start at an early age, we marvel at Bearson for his dedication and unique identity in the electronic world. Dropping two more songs by the end of this year with Ashe and MNDR, he is accelerating himself to new heights. Bearson sat down with us after his set at CRSSD Music Festival – sharing his past, present and future endeavors. Take a moment and get familiar with this talented artist!

EDM: So a lot of people struggle in their teens and 20’s to really choose a clear career path to follow. You knew what you wanted to do relatively early in life. What was the defining moment that lead you down the music direction? 

Bearson: I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, I tried studying economics but I hated it. I had always been interested in music but the actual defining moment for me was when my friend was making music in middle school and I asked how the hell he was making music off of his computer. Honestly, I was like damn I didn’t know you could even do that. I told my dad that all I wanted for my birthday was this program to make music on my computer and I ended up getting it and never looked back…

If you were not doing music, what would you be doing right now? Did you ever have thoughts of a different path?

My biggest interest outside of music is psychology and I think I’d be studying or doing something with that if I wasn’t doing music. I’ve always been interested in how the brain works, why we do the things we do and how we can treat mental illnesses.

"Pink Medicine" is an epic track with a warm melody and bouncy synths - Whats your favorite instrument or sound you like to hear in a song?

It’s impossible to pick one instrument but as of lately I’ve really enjoyed psychedelic sounding guitars.

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You already have a track record of festivals you’ve performed at. In your opinion, what’s the most interesting thing about CRSSD festival that separates it from the rest?

I think the size of the festival is perfect for my liking, I don’t like festivals that are too crowded that you can’t find your friends.

You just released a phenomenal track “Cold War” with Mr. Hudson - What artist are you heavily listening to right now?

I’ve been listening to this new Danish band Liss, also Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Mac Demarco.

You are currently on tour with Whethan, how did you guys decide to join forces? What does that conversation sound like?

We went on tour together last year and it was a natural thing to do again this year because we’re friends. It got brought up somewhere down the line and we made it happen.

Aside from the tour, what are you looking forward to for the rest of the year

Going back to Norway to see my family and friends after the tour. Other than that, I’m excited to have time off again after touring to be in the studio and make music with friends.

From your perspective, what is the most interesting thing going on in the electronic world right now?

It seems like everyone is gravitating towards experimenting a lot more than they used to. There's the fact that electronic music doesn’t have a particular sound and it has no rules anymore... which is how it should be. Having an idea that a genre should sound a specific way ruins the creativity. You should be able to do whatever you want and that's why you strive to find people to work with who support that.