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Cash Cash have unleashed a number of standout hits within the past few years, included the Platinum-certified “Take Me Home” featuring Bebe Rexha, “Millionaire” featuring Nelly, “Matches” featuring ROZES, “All My Love” featuring Conor Maynard, and “Finest Hour” featuring ABIR. They most recently appeared on P!nk’s hit single “Can We Pretend.” 

Hailing from Roseland, New Jersey, the production trio consisting of brothers Jean Paul and Alex Makhlouf and Samuel Frisch have accumulated in impressive 1.6 billion streams in their 18-year career. They've also produced official remixes for some of music’s biggest stars such as Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Krewella, David Guetta and Hardwell. Their ability to mesh the worlds of dance music, pop, rock, and hip-hop is undeniable. caught up with JP as Cash Cash continue to tour with the iconic R3hab, co-headlining their North American tour. Read on to see what they had to say. Since there’s three of you, what do each of you bring to the table? Who gets the final say?

Cash Cash: We all shine in different areas. We play different instruments so we have that dynamic as well. Given we all know how to write, record, mix and master, we work with a majority rules mentality. Usually we’re all generally on the same page but sometimes when we get stuck, we just take a vote and roll with the majority.

Can you bring us back to when you made your first beat?

Sam and I made our first songs together using these horrible programs called Sound Forge and Tonos (TC8) around 2002. It was the most joke setup ever. We literally were plugging keyboards and instruments into the back of a horrible PC computer’s mic input. We had a cheap mixer we’d use as well to record vocals and drums. Alex made his first song using Fruity Loops around 2005.

We were just a bunch of young kids experimenting with what little tools we had in our reach. It wasn’t as easy as it is today. Nowadays any kid can have anything he needs and learn everything he needs with the click of a button. Back then, we had no YouTube or plethora of audio forums to learn things on — but that’s what made it fun. We learned through trial and error as we went along and that’s what turned us into the musicians and producers we are today.

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How have you guys evolved since Blood, Sweat & 3 Years?

We learned a lot about ourselves making that album and all became better team players out of it. We gained a higher level of respect for each other. It was the hardest album we had to make for a lot of reasons and being able to complete it really brought us closer together. It was also a very enlightening experience working with such a diverse variety of artists from so many outside genres. That’s what made the album so special to us.

You guys work with a wide range from pop to hip-hop. Where do you draw your biggest influences?

We grew up listening to and playing so many styles of music so it makes sense for us to want to collaborate with artists from different genres. That’s something we’ll always want to do. A big part of our heart will always be reserved for rock music, specifically alternative and indie rock. That being said, we’re always finding ways to merge different sounds and instruments together so it’s never a dull moment in the studio for us.

What was the inspiration behind “Can We Pretend” with P!nk?

We always loved P!nk’s voice so we were just inspired being able to collaborate with such a legendary artist. She wrote the lyrics and vocals with Ryan Tedder. They sent them to us and we built the music in about a week. Then we mixed and mastered it and that was that. We got a little nostalgic with it and ended up blending one of our custom synth sounds we used in our song “Take Me Home,” which worked out really well in the song. It’s always fun to revisit a sound you’ve used in the past to try and build on it, modify it, or just take inspiration from it.

What's your favorite song to drop in a set?

This changes every year but right now, our favorite few songs to play live would be “Belong,” “Take Me Home,” and “Call You.”


Instagram: instagram/com/cashcash



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